DescriptionBook Image
Cheers,Gordon - Carnivorous Plants Globe Press,Melbourne, Australia, 1983
ISBN 0-9591937-0-7, paperbackDescr.: 95 pp., 43 colour photos, drawings, 10 maps
References. A book mostlydedicatedto cultural information of the commonly grown species
Cheers Gordon Carnivorous Plants
Cheers, Gordon - A Guide to the Carnivorous Plants of the World Collins/Angus & Robertson, Pymble, NSW, Australia, 1992
ISBN0-207-16186-0HardcoverDescr.: 174 + X pp. , 236 colour + 7 B&W photos, 24 maps, 37 drawings
Cheers Gordon A Guide to the Carnivorous Plants of the World
Clarke, Charles - Nepenthes of Borneo NaturalHistory Publications (Borneo)
Sdn.Bhd., Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, 1997ISBN 983-812-015-4,hardcoverDescr.: XII + 207 pp., 122 figures (110 of which are color photos).Introduction;Plant Structure; Ecology ; The Species; The NaturalHybrids;Conservation.Anexcellent book on 31 Nepenthes of BorneoA great bookIt'sphotographs alone make it worth the cost
Clarke Charles Nepenthes of Borneo
Clarke, C.M. 2001 - Nepenthes of Sumatra andPeninsular Malaysia
Natural History Publications (Borneo) Sdn. BhdISBN: 983-812-050-2 , hardcoverDescr.: x + 326 pp.,157 figures, (of which 4 are colour maps and 6 are graphs/line drawings. The remainder are colour photographs.)
Once more a great book for any Nepenthes lover great photographs if you had some free time just go over and over it and you couldn't put it away
Clarke CM 2001 Nepenthes of Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia
D'Amato, Peter - The Savage Garden
Cultivating Carnivorous PlantsTen Speed Press, Berkeley, California, 1998 ISBN 0-89815-915-6paperback 336-ppDescr.: introduction to carnivorous plants in three parts- Part I-cultivation, covering soils, pottery, photoperiod, grow lights.PartII- where to grow carnivorous plantsgreenhouses, terrariums, windowsills, outdoors. PartIII- genera of CP and their specific cultivation requirements. Agreat book for any CPer
DAmato Peter The Savage Garden Cultivating Carnivorous Plants
Lowrie, Allen - Carnivorous Plants of Australia Vol.3.
University of WesternAustraliaPress, Nedlands, W.A., 1998ISBN 1-87556-059-9,hardcover, Descr.: 288 pages contain more than340 colour photographs, 57 line drawings and a distribution maps for eachdescribed speciesA very goog book for the Australian spcies
Lowrie Allen Carnivorous Plants of Australia Vol 3
Pietropaolo,James and Pietropaolo, Patricia Ann.: "The World of CarnivorousPlants".R.J.Stoneridge, Shortsville, N.Y., 1974.
ISBN 74-78287,softcover.Descr.: 128 pp., 58 B&Wphotos, a short informative booklet .My first CP book was good to start with.
Pietropaolo James and Pietropaolo Patricia Ann The World of Carnivorous Plants RJStoneridge Shortsville NY 1974
Pietropaolo,James and Pietropaolo, Patricia Ann.: "Carnivorous Plants of the World".Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, 1986.
ISBN 0-88192-066-5,hard cover
ISBN 0-88192-356-7, paperbackDescr.: 206 pp., 57 color photos, 63 line drawings.a very goodbook
Pietropaolo James and Pietropaolo Patricia Ann Carnivorous Plants of the World Timber Press Portland Oregon 1986
Schnell,Donald E.: Carnivorous Plants of the United States and CanadaJohn F. Blair, Publisher, Winston-Salem,NC, 1976.
ISBN 0-910244-90-1,hardcoverDescr.: IX + 125 pp., 116 colorphotos, 7 drawings, 25 maps
A wonderfulbook which can berecommended to everyone
Schnel Donald E Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada
Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada by Donald Schnell
In this update of the 1976 field/armchair guide, the founding co- editor of the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter explains why "carnivorous" is the preferred term over "insectivorous,“ the distribution and trapping mechanisms of 45 species and hybrids of such plants as Darlingonia (pitcher plants), and effortsto conserve their habitats. Carnivorous fungi are excluded.
Includes some 200 color photographs and drawings, and a glossary.
Hardcover: 348 pages Publisher: Timber Pr; 2nd edition (May 2002) ISBN: 0881925403
Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada by Donald Schnell
Schwartz, Randall - Carnivorous Plants.
Praeger Publishers, NY, 1974 ISBN 0-275-51580-X, hardcover,Avon Books, 1975
ISBN 0-380-00518-2hardcover or 0-380-26989-2, paperbackDescr.: 128 pp., B&W photos.Includes bibliography. Lots of mistakes
Schwartz Randall Carnivorous Plants
Slack, Adrian - Carnivorous Plants. Ebury Press, London, 1979
ISBN 0-262-69089-6, paperback rev.ed. Alpha Books,London, 1988Descr.: 240 pp., 16 color +105 B&W photos, about 50 drawingsOne of basic books on CPs
Slack Adrian Carnivorous Plants Ebury Press London 1979
Swenson, Allen - Cultivating Carnivorous Plants". Doubleday & Co., GardenCity, New York, 1977.
ISBN 0-385-11148-7, hardcoverDescr.: 160 + XIII pp., 66 photos, 13 line-drawings. From the contents 12 p. on cultivation, 99 p.about the plants and genera including experiments with CPs
Swenson Allen Cultivating Carnivorous Plants Doubleday and Co Garden
Tan, Hugh T.W. (Ed.) - A Guide to Carnivorous Plants in Singapore. SingaporeScienceCentre, Singapore.
ISBN 981-00-8629-6, softcoverDescr.: 176 pp., 175 colour photos,9 drawings, 3 tables, 1 map
A good book
Tan Hugh TW Ed A Guide to Carnivorous Plants in Singapore Singapore Science Centre Singapore
Camilleri, Tony - CARNIVOROUS PLANTSKangaroo Press, Australia, 1998
ISBN 0-86417-917-0paperback. 103-ppDescr.:Morethan 100 high quality colour photos. Comprehensive listings of species,
nurseries and Carnivorous Plant Societies
This book aims to give new growers valuable information on growingthe more common carnivorous plants
Nice book
Camilleri Tony CARNIVOROUS PLANTS Kangaroo Press Australia 1998
Phillipps, Anthea; Lamb, Anthony - PITCHER-PLANTSOF BORNEO Natural History Publications Borneo, Sdn. Bhd., Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,Malaysia, 1996
.ISBN 983-812-009-X,hardcover.Descr.:X+171-pplot of watercolour paintings.
Describes 32 + 1 new sp. of Nepenthes + 7 hybrids found in the island of BorneoA very nice book
Phillipps Anthea Lamb Anthony PITCHER PLANTS OF BORNEO
Lecoufle, Marcel - CARNIVOROUS PLANTS - CARE AND CULTIVATIONCassell, London, 1993
ISBN 0-304-34330-7,paperback
Descr.:144-ppTranslation of 'Comment Choisier et Cultiver vos Plantes Carnivores'. ForewordbyJean-Marie Pelt. had number oferrors
photographs are very good
Shigo, Kurata, - Nepenthes of Mount Kinabalu . Sabah National Parks Trustees,Malaysia.1976
ISBN -none,softcoverDescr.: 80 pp., 31 colour photos,10 BW, 4 drawings, 5 tables, 3 map
Nicebooklet on 16 Nepenthes of Borneo
Shigo Kurata Nepenthes of Mount Kinabalu Sabah National Parks Trustees Malaysia 1976
Nick Romanowski - Gardening with Carnivores Pitcher Plants in Cultivation and the Wild
Descr.:110 pp., 80 colour photographsISBN 0 86840 452 7guide to this ornamental group of plants. The book covers the natural history of the pitcher plants — they are native to the swamplands of the southeast of the United States —. It describes the 13 species and subspecies of Sarracenia, advises on soil requirements and how to construct a 'bog garden', and considers issues such as propagation from seed and by division, hand pollination, hybridisation and commercial cultivation, as well as floristry with cut pitchers
Nick Romanowski Gardening with Carnivores Pitcher Plants in Cultivation and the Wild
Bruce Salmon - Carnivorous Plants of New Zealand
Descr.: 304 pp.,140 colour photographs
ISBN 0-473-08032-X softcover
Chapters include: Climate, habitats, a full detailed treatment of each species, distribution, dispersal, pollinators, cultivation notes, field trips
The foremost informative guide to New Zealand’s native carnivorous plant species Detailed descriptions and discussions on each species plus a useful key for their identification Trapping mechanisms explained Ecological information relating to climate and habitats Where to find them and tips on cultivation Illustrated with over 140 stunning colour photographs,distribution maps and fine botanical line drawings
Bruce Salmon Carnivorous Plants of New Zealand

A Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Sabah By Charles Clarke
smaller book covering the 20 known species of Nepenthes in Sabah , Borneo.Contains many new and beautiful color Photographs of Nepenthes and brief introductory chapters on the genus.
Paperback - 40 pages.Natural History Publications Borneo, Sdn. Bhd., Kota Kinabalu , Sabah, Malaysia, 2001. ISBN 983-8120-57-X. In English.Stapled softcover. iv+41 pages, 59 colour photos, 2 colour maps, 7 b/w drawings, 3 b/w illustrations.
A Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Sabah By Charles Clarke
A Guide to the Pitcher Plantsof Peninsular Malaysia By Charles Clarke
This new and colorful book covers the 10 known species of Nepenthes found in West Malaysia, plus several interesting natural hybrids.
Paperback - 32 pages.Natural History Publications Borneo, Sdn. Bhd., Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia, 2002. ISBN 983-8120-61-8. In English. Stapled softcover. iv+32 pages
A Guide to the Pitcher Plantsof Peninsular Malaysia By Charles Clarke
Borneo by Hugo Steiner Its Mountains and Lowlands with their Pitcher Plants.Trekking from 1992 to 2002.
Impressed by the beauty and elegance of the pitcher plants of thefamily Nepenthaceae, In this book the pitchers (and plants) of all Nepenthes species of Sabah and Sarawak, and some endemic Kalimantan species, are illustrated.The book will interest both scientists and naturalists as it endeavours to give a Simple approach to this family of plants from the tropical forests of Borneo.Publisher: Toihaan Publishing Company, Kota Kinabalu. First Published: 2002 No. of Pages: viii + 136 pp. Size: 18.5 x 25.5 cm (Hardcover ISBN: 983-40421-1-6
Borneo by Hugo Steiner
Growing Carnivorous Plants Author - Barry A. Rice
Cover - Hard cover Print - 2006 Pages - 224 pages, filled with color photos Comment - Barry, editor of the International Carnivorous Plant Society newsletter, has used his years of accumulated knowledge to produce this beautiful book, exploring new ground in many areas of the field
Growing Carnivorous Plants
The Genus Utricularia Author - Peter Taylor Text - English Cover - Soft cover Print - 1994
- 2nd print Pages - 724 pages, 220 line drawings Comment - It should be in the library of all serious carnivorous plant students and enthusiasts. If you can find a first printthey are a real collectors item.
The Genus Utricularia
Amazing World of the Carnivorous Plant Insectivorous Plant Society
Text - Japanese with English language comments at the back Softcover Print - 2003 Pages - 159 pages, approximately 700 color photos of approximately 350 species, figures and maps - A photo album showcasing hundreds of photos taken by 23 photographers
Amazing World of the Carnivorous Plant
Carnivorous Plants, A Wisley Handbook Author - Paul Temple, Royal Horticultural Society
Text - English Cover - Soft cover Print - 1989 Pages - 64 pages, 40 color photos, 7 tables Comment - A good little book for beginners.Two different covers available.
Carnivorous Plants A Wisley Handbook
Pitcher Plants Of The Americas Author - Stewart McPherson
Text - English Cover - Hard cover or Soft cover Print - 2006 Pages - 320 pages, many colorful photos, maps and line drawings Comment - An informative overview covering the natural history, conservation and horticulture of the 5 genera of pitcher plants that occur in North, Middle and South Africa.
Pitcher Plants Of The Americas
Fleischfressende Pflanzen (Carnivorous Plants)
Author - Thomas Carow and Ruedi Furst Text - German Cover - Soft cover Print - 2002 Pages - 72 pages, 2 b/w 25 color photos, drawings Comment - Excellent booklet if you can read German.
Fleischfressende Pflanzen Carnivorous Plants
The Carnivorous Plants Author - B. E. Juniper, R. J. Robins and D. M. Joel
Autographed by Danny Joel Text - English Cover - Hard cover Print - 1989 Pages - 353 pages, 170 plates, b/w photos, b/w drawings, maps, 28 tables Comment - This is not a book for the casual carnivorous plant collector but for a biochemist. It is the goal of all carnivorous plant book collectors to have this book in their collection. It is extremely rare and sought-after
The Carnivorous Plants
The Curious World of Carnivorous Plants
A Comprehensive Guide to Their Biology and Cultivation
By Wilhelm Barthlott, Stefan Porembski, Rüdiger Seine, and Inge Theisen
Translated by Michael Ashdown Hardcover Pages:224 >pp. 158 color and b/w illustrations, 2 maps
ISBN-13:9780881927924 ISBN-10 0881927929
Plants that trap and eat animals have inspired awe since before the days of Darwin. Lured into the danger zone by optical, tactile, and olfactory strategies, the prey succumb to ingenious traps and face their doom. But unlike plants that temporarily catch insects for pollination, the true carnivores go considerably further: they digest them for the nutrients they need to survive in extremely inhospitable sites on land and in water. This exquisite, thoroughly up-to-date book, copiously illustrated with closeup photography, provides the first comprehensive listing of some 630 known carnivorous plant species, described in fascinating detail, with identification history, physiology, ecology, and an extensive bibliography. It is an essential reference for hobbyist, naturalist, and collector alike.
The Curious World of Carnivorous Plants

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את מנגנוני הלכידה מחלקים לשתי קבוצות, פעילים הלוכדים את הטרף והפסיביים שהטרף נלכד מבלי יכולת להיחלץ.

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כל הצמחים הטורפים מצוידים במלכודות כדי להשיג תרכובות חנקניות מהטרף.

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בתי גידול בצמחים טורפים

הצמחים גדלים במגוון בתי גידול דלי מינרלים כביצות, טחבים, ביצות כבול חומציות ועד ליערות הטרופיים של מזרח אסיה ומישורי העשב המוצפים באפריקה.

צמחים טורפים רבים דורשים תנאי לחות קבועים אך חלקם יכולים להתקיים בקרקעות חול יבש.


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